Energy station

Chillers. Boilers. Compressors. These assets are the lifeblood of a productive facility, but at too many sites, these utilities are out-of-date, poorly placed and over-consume electricity.

Tera helps you create a new, high-performing system on site. We assess your assets holistically, and design a pragmatic solution to maximize performance. We can optimize your existing assets and help you install new high-efficiency equipment. The end product is a Tera-managed block of assets that runs as one: high-performing, high-efficiency, and AI-powered for guaranteed savings in Total Cost Ownership (TCO) and reduced carbon emissions.


Tera is uniquely positioned as China based renewable and energy efficiency specialists. We accelerate low-carbon energy transitions for our partners through a range of tailor-made solutions.

Tera creates real value and sustainability boosts for your facilities. Our B2B model is designed to maximize savings and reduce carbon footprints.

If you’re interested in cutting costs while having a positive environmental impact through Tera’s solutions, reach out to us today.