Smart maintenance

Efficiency isn’t always about replacing equipment – sometimes, you just need to unlock the full potential of assets you already have. Tera’s smart maintenance lets you plug your existing assets into Tera’s advanced suite of energy and maintenance technologies for a major jump in performance and value.

Our engineers have a full arsenal of advanced tools to raise performance and reduce energy waste. Plug into our AI platform to predict maintenance needs with greater precision; use augmented and virtual reality to connect on-site technicians with expert help, wherever you are. The solutions are too diverse to list, but there is one constant outcome: saving costs and cutting carbon.


Tera is uniquely positioned as China based renewable and energy efficiency specialists. We accelerate low-carbon energy transitions for our partners through a range of tailor-made solutions.

Tera creates real value and sustainability boosts for your facilities. Our B2B model is designed to maximize savings and reduce carbon footprints.

If you’re interested in cutting costs while having a positive environmental impact through Tera’s solutions, reach out to us today.