Compressed air management

Air leaks start small, but can quickly add up to major losses and CO2 wastage in the hundreds of tons. Our audits have found typical sites at 20-30% leakage, and the number can go far higher.

We act fast to find and fix air leaks, with minimal disruption to your operations. Our technicians have a full suite of tools, including proprietary software provided through our partners at Enersize, to find and fix leaks quickly, and run ongoing monitoring after we have finished the initial project. Depending on our client need, Tera can also overhaul air compression systems for additional reductions in energy use and emissions.


Tera is uniquely positioned as China based renewable and energy efficiency specialists. We accelerate low-carbon energy transitions for our partners through a range of tailor-made solutions.

Tera creates real value and sustainability boosts for your facilities. Our B2B model is designed to maximize savings and reduce carbon footprints.

If you’re interested in cutting costs while having a positive environmental impact through Tera’s solutions, reach out to us today.