overall cost savings


shift to renewable energy


reduction in C02 emissions


more operational efficiency

Tera is your strategic energy partner. We create turn-key energy solutions based on careful assessment of your exact business needs and environmental commitments. When you partner with Tera you get:


Renewable energy

Tera will analyze the consumption and the characteristics of your portfolio of sites and factories. According to local regulation, renewable potential and site particularities, Tera will recommend an action plan: development and engineering of the solution, investment on your behalf in the project, operation and maintenance of the installation. A long-term power offtake agreement will be signed allowing you to access to locally produced, green and cheaper energy.

Partner with Tera for turn-key renewable energy solution, fitted to your needs and ambition.

Energy efficiency management

What’s the greenest energy in the world? The energy you never use in the first place.

Efficiency is about getting the most value from the least usage, and Tera has found countless ways to deliver this. From years of industry experience and an award-winning AI algorithm, we’ve created a platform to optimize, model, predict and automate energy use.

Tera’s technicians take your assets to optimal efficiency and reliability, and make sure long-term performance stays at a high mark. The end result: lower consumption, lower costs and lower emissions all year, every year.