Jason Su presents West Wisdom Valley project at Zeta Alliance’s AI + IoT conference

At Zeta Alliance’s IoT event in Shanghai last week, Head of Energy Efficiency Jason Su presented a detailed outline of our West Wisdom Valley project to fellow association partners Softbank, ZifiSense, Nokia and others.


Tera has turned this four-park site, with a constructed area of over 760,000 m² and home to 800 businesses, into a super high efficient energy ecosystem linked and automated with our energy-management platform, including an AI+IoT system. Here are some of the highlights of the project:

  • Nine efficient energy stations connected to IoT, powering utilities for the whole park
  • HVAC optimization in every building; all cooling on-site is automated and efficient
  • Real-time monitoring of energy performance of all assets through our platform
  • Smart maintenance managed through the Digi MTN (digitalized maintenance) system, focusing on preventative practices to extend asset lifespans

Tera’s energy efficiency management will deliver an immediate 10-15% reduction in energy use and at least 10% savings in the first year. The backbone of West Wisdom Valley’s efficiency overhaul is the combination of virtual twin, IoT and AI into one system, which ensures these numbers are seen year after year.