Tera connects with government, industry and experts in Beijing and Jilin

One month since launching, Tera is on the move, building connections and deepening relationships with industry and local governments across China. This month, Tera leadership attended two major conferences touching on topics that are critical to our mission: renewable energy (the China Wind Power 2020 conference in Beijing), and the future of efficient, clean industry (the 2nd Global Summit on Manufacturing Services Outsourcing in Jilin).

The China Wind Power conference focused heavily on what can be expected in the coming 14th Five-Year Plan and what the initiatives might look like to fulfill the ambitious carbon neutrality goals announced this year. Meanwhile, Tera’s GM Fulvio Bartolucci met with government and business leaders at the Jilin summit. Fulvio met with VIPs such as Jing Junhai (Deputy Secretary of Jilin Provincial Party and Governor of Jilin Province ), Song Gelong (Vice Mayor of Changchun ), and Haisong Tang (Partner and Managing Director of BCG Digital Venture) to share how Tera’s unique business model makes radical carbon transformations accessible for our clients through distributed energy and energy efficiency solutions.

China’s ambitious low-carbon and wind power goals will affect every business. Attending these important events has built on Tera’s momentum to realize our mission of providing accessible low-carbon transformations for clients across all sectors. By strengthening our connections with governments and businesses throughout the country, Tera hopes to be the chosen partner as China mobilizes to transform the way it powers its buildings and cities.