Letter from Tera leadership

Asian cities, buildings and industrial centers are at the core of new energy-consumption patterns. In urban areas, energy consumption continues to rise as the population increases, a trend which calls for a new model of highly innovative and low-carbon economy that can address the significant environmental challenges entailed by this continuous urbanization.

These changes must be met with a bold vision, powerful energy solutions, and a long-term strategy.

At Tera Energies, we believe it is time for every organization to commit to sustainability now, and act concretely to see their commitments through.

Bringing together extensive expertise and know-how in the fields of energy generation and optimization, facility management and sustainable services, we will accompany commercial, industrial, and public-sector organizations on their journey towards more sustainability, health, well-being and prosperity.

Driven by a strong vision for a clean energy future in China, Tera Energies offers tailored and competitive sustainable energy solutions, technologies, and services in China, for the benefit of people, businesses and governments.

Sustainability issues concern us all.

Join us.

Pâris Mouratoglou   David Corchia   Joachim Poylo   Francois Amman   Arnaud Dauvillier

Tera is uniquely positioned as China based renewable and energy efficiency specialists. We accelerate low-carbon energy transitions for our partners through a range of tailor-made solutions.

Tera creates real value and sustainability boosts for your facilities. Our B2B model is designed to maximize savings and reduce carbon footprints.

If you’re interested in cutting costs while having a positive environmental impact through Tera’s solutions, reach out to us today.