Tera believes that making a transition to an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy is the challenge of our time. Success requires decisive action by every organization, especially those responsible for buildings, cities and utilities.

To make sure this change comes quickly and powerfully, Tera has created a digital energy platform that harnesses AI, IoT and virtual-twin technology.

In addition, by offering to invest on our clients behalf in energy efficiency solutions and on-site renewable electricity generation equipment, Tera contributes to transition into years of low-carbon, high-efficiency operation, while preserving its customers’ peace of mind.


Focused on serving Asia’s needs since its foundation in 1997, Aden has been headquartered in Shanghai for over 20 years. Since its foundation as a facility-management company, Aden has steadily broken down the boundaries between traditional facility management and emerging technologies, including some of the most promising areas of environmental sustainability and smart city infrastructure.

With over 1,500 clients and a footprint in 25+ countries, Aden has built a comprehensive, cross-sector understanding of how facility management can be merged with the most advanced energy management to create a powerful impact on business efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

For more information, please visit www.adenservices.com.

A subsidiary of Eren Groupe, Eren Industries offers its customers and partners trustworthy solutions centered on breakthrough technologies that help to streamline and optimize the management of natural resources.

Eren Industries is the bearer of various energy systems, involving energy storage and artificial intelligence, that make it possible to accelerate the energy transition of building at low cost. Eren Industries also takes part in developing innovative and competitive technology in other areas of activities such as the optimization of electricity consumption, infrastructure monitoring, and water treatment, pre-treatment of industrial liquid waste. These technologies are marketed by the subsidiaries of Eren Industries internationally.

For more information, please visit www.eren-groupe.lu/en

Founded in 2012 by Pâris Mouratoglou and David Corchia, Total Eren develops, finances, builds and operates renewable energy power plants (solar, wind, hydro, and hybrid) with over 3,300 MW in operation or under construction worldwide.

Through partnerships with local developers, Total Eren develops energy projects in countries and regions where renewable energy represents an economically viable response to growing energy demand across Europe, Central Asia, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa. The objective is to achieve a global gross installed capacity of more than 5 GW by 2022. Since December 2017, Total S.A., the major energy company, has been participating as a shareholder of Total Eren.

For more information, please visit www.total-eren.com.


Tera management team

Tera能源战略&业务发展总监, 梁宇

Leo Liang

Strategy & Business Development Director

Tera能源能效管理总监, 苏珣

Jason Su

Head of Energy Efficiency

Tera能源财务总监, 龚晟

Roger Gong

Finance Director

Tera能源总经理, 白啸风

Fulvio Bartolucci

General Manager

Tera board

Eren联合创始人兼Total-Eren董事会主席, Pâris Mouratoglou

Pâris Mouratoglou


Chairman of the Board of Directors
Total Eren

Eren联合创始人兼Total Eren首席执行官, David Corchia

David Corchia


Chief Executive Officer
Total Eren

Total Eren执行副总裁兼业务发展总监, Fabienne Demol

Fabienne Demol

Executive Vice President
& Head of Business Development
Total Eren

Total Eren副总裁, Louis Caillard

Louis Caillard

Vice President B2B
Total Eren

Eren Industries董事会成员, Thierry Faugeras

Thierry Faugeras

Member of the Managing Board
Eren Industries

埃顿集团联合创始人兼总裁, 博龙

Joachim Poylo

Co-Founder & President
Aden Group

埃顿集团联合创始人兼联合总裁, 艾文

Francois Amman

Co-Founder & Co-President
Aden Group